Recommended to AG1 Financial by a trusted colleague and friend, I began working with AG1 in mid-2013. From the start of our relationship and still today, I have been extremely impressed with the professionalism, efficiency and outstanding quality of work that I have received from the entire AG1 Team. Joining forces with AG1 for my financial needs has absolutely been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  I look forward to working with the AG1 Team as a valued partner for many years to come.

Ethan C.  from SC

Live near jax beach and have no clue how to do taxes? See  Craig J at AG1 Financial Inc. if you want it done professionally and fast. With my forms that I had no clue how to file, he had everything done in a day! Tax return already e filed and I will have $ by the end of this month. Also I thought I would be owing $ to the IRS. Not after that trip. Boom thanks Craig!

Chris S. from Jax Beach

My experience with AG1 has, honestly, been beyond what I had expected. I was facing a substantial amount of unpaid federal taxes along with the usual fines, penalties, late fees, threats of levies, garnishment, etc. I met with a local IRS representative only to be told their “computer program model” said that I was able to pay them a monthly amount that was totally beyond my capabilities. No room for negotiations. End of conversation! Shortly thereafter, AG1 contacted me. From the first day on, I was told exactly what was going to take place, in what sequence, was provided a complete package of information and have always been kept current on my situation. I am happy to report that my tax burden has been resolved, thanks to AG1. I found that ALL my contacts with AG1 have always been extremely helpful, friendly and most important, available when I needed them. Without any reservation, I would highly recommend AG1 for any tax problems.

John H. from OH

Thanks for everything!  It was great working with you for my tax preparation!

Bethany G. from FL

One of my favorite parts of working with the AG1 Financial staff was the constant communication and the fact that they handled everything for me. In short, they did a wonderful job.

Robin B. from AK

The folks at AG1 are amazing! They prepped my individual and S Corp return quickly and efficiently. They were able to identify areas to maximize tax advantages and save me and my company money. Thank you!

Brian S. from FL

I have been so much more reassured knowing that the AG1 Staff have been helping me out with my tax problems. It’s been such peace of mind.

Lori C. from WI

Thank you so much! Your tax preparation was easy and painless!

Elizabeth G. from FL

AG1 has made such a difference in getting me out of a huge mess I can hardly sum it up. The people have been guiding me along a difficult path through this process and have been very knowledgeable and understanding of my specific situation. Everyone has been incredible and their ability to deal with the IRS and keep me in the loop as far as what is happening and what needs my attention has been fantastic! Professional service and much more reasonable service fees than the first company I contacted. I would definitely recommend AG1 Finanacial to anyone who needs help with any tax problem!

John J. from MD

I cannot say thank you enough AG1!! I struggled for many years with the IRS and finally, because of your efforts, I received a massive reduction in my tax liability. Thank you!

David S.  from MS

AG1 was able to fix multiple years mistakes on my 1040s and NY state tax returns–erasing my liability and getting me refunds!  Thank you AG1 Financial.

Denise S. from NY

AG1 is far superior to the other company I mistakenly went with initially. They stayed in constant contact and solved my tax troubles quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I was assigned a tax team and had each member’s contact info and guess what–they returned my calls! Thanks so much!

Lee D. from MS

Thank you AG1 for everything you’ve done and the continued support. We appreciate everything greatly.

Debbie U. from OK

Without the guidance from the tax pros at AG1, I don’t know where I’d be with the IRS–in more hot water I imagine as I could never sort through my tax troubles myself.  Thank you AG1 for supplying relief!

Daniel M. from TX

I needed help with un-filed returns for many years. AG1 handled my problem fast. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Melissa H. from SC